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The joint vision of rope partners 'Angel666' and 'Silence'. We aim to show you how we do 'our' rope, in order to encourage and support you in doing 'your' rope. We will be posting regular tutorials and behind the scenes footage from our photo shoots. Visit our online shop where you can buy Jute rope, hand dyed Nylon rope and special oils for your rope and for aftercare. 

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July 14, 2018

Here is version 2 of our 'Seashell' Tie. This one differs to the first variant since it uses only simple Munter hitches with an added decorative weave at the front. Whilst this tie looks 'pretty', it also enables you to practice your tension and friction application wi...

July 14, 2018

We are continuing our photographic tutorials with a series of three 'Seashell' tie variants. Whilst primarily decorative ties, they do allow you to practice reverse tensions and both forward and reverse Munter hitches.

We have been so humbled to see...

After months of experimentation we are proud to be launching our own rope oil range. We often speak about combining other elements of our lives with rope, essential oils being one of them. Together we asked the question 'What if we could use essential oils to heighten...

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