SKorpion Rope is proud to present the 'Sakura' range of JBO free premium Amatsunawa jute rope. The 4.4mm diameter consists of 8 yarns per strand, resulting in a rope that is ideal for hair rope, toe rope and any other torturous rope you can think of.


Amatsunawa is a rope like no other, it is made from 100% grade 1, single ply JBO free Tossa. Grade 1 filaments are taken from the very centre of the plant stem; resulting in the softest fibres with the fewest impurities.


Due to the superior quality of this jute, we recommend you do not boil, bake, steam, machine wash etc, as this will compromise the integrity of the natural fibre. The rope is soft, straight off the reel and requires no form of 'breaking in' other than through use. If buying unconditioned rope, then it will require the fuzzies removed and good lubrication. An information sheet will be supplied with purchase.


This listing is for 8m & 10m lengths. Please contact us for enquiries about custom lengths. 'Sakura' JBO free jute rope is also available in 5mm, 5.5mm loose lay, 6mm and 6.3mm diameter.


Conditioned ropes will be defuzzed and conditioned using our own secret blend of Tsubaki oil, Jojoba Oil and white beeswax before being baked and then finally singed leaving your rope smooth and ready for use. All ropes are finished with a simple overhand knot. 

4.4mm 'Sakura' JBO Free Premium Jute Rope