More and more people are using dyed ropes in their Shibari and Kinbaku. They not only look good but they help you differentiate between your ropes. We are proud to bring you an affordable means of purchasing coloured ropes... by dyeing them yourself in the comfort of your own home.


In each kit you will find:


4 x Linen Hemp 5mm x 8m ropes

2 x mesh bags

1 x Dye

1 x 'How To' guide


Our step by step guide will show you how to prepare your rope, how to use the dye and then how to dry and stretch your rope. You will require the use of a front loading washing machine for this specific dye kit.


You will be supplied with a well known brand of dye that we have trialled extensively to ensure even penetration of the dye and to give you an indication of the resulting colour since the shade can often differ from that found on the packaging due to the initial colour of the rope. You might have noticed that the colours are a lot brighter on the linen hemp ropes than on the other ropes supplied with the home dye kits. Due to the high number of strands that make up this rope, you might find that the dye does not penetrate fully to the core.


Your finished product might differ in shade to the images displayed due to the batch of dye, your washing machine programme selection, the dilution of dye in your machine and your conditioning process.


We currently have seven colours available listed in the order they are displayed in the main photo, front to rear:










So why not surpise your rope partner and dye them their very own set of rope in their favourite colour. 




Dyeing is a chemical process which WILL affect the structure of the rope. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not use dyed ropes for suspension.




This listing is for the DYE kit and not for the dyed ropes. You need to dye them yourself!

Home Dye Kit - Linen Hemp rope