The fabulous KnotHead Nylon in 'Fluorescent Yellow'. Put this rope under blacklight and watch it GLOW!!!


Supplied in 30' lengths (9.144m), 1/4" (6mm) single braid, 100% nylon.


Imported from the US, this hand dyed nylon is the finest nylon to be found in the multi-verse! Nylon is many times stronger than natural fibre rope, it doesnt lose it's strength as quickly as natural fibre through normal use and therefore has a greatly increased value through extended service life. Nylon is a very low maintenance rope, requiring no pre-conditioning. After use you can simply wash it and leave it to drip dry.


Due to the hand dyeing process there may be different shades between batches. We will endeavour to send you the same shade with each order, but we cannot guarantee color matching between separate orders.

Knothead Nylon 'Fluorescent Yellow'