SKorpion Rope is proud to present MyNawashi jute rope imported for sale throughout Europe and beyond.  The rope is hand spun in the 'MyNawashi' studio with great care to produce a perfect twist every time. They blend the finest weights of yarn together to create a rope that represents the years of investment they have made in importing and tracking down the best jute twine available. It is unfinished to cater to those who are particular about their rope and like to condition it themselves. 


MyNawashi aim to provide high quality raw goods inexpensively so that you can make your rope your own. In line with their ethos, we will not be offering a conditioned option online, but please contact us if you do require conditioning.


We have and still do use MyNawashi extensively in our own rope work. This is an ideal rope for beginners and experienced riggers alike. We also provide MyNawashi as part of our home dye kits so you can truly make your rope your own.





6 mm diameter

Length minimum of 8m

100% 2-ply Tossa jute

3 strand, Z twisted

Overhand knotted ends




This rope can be worked down to 5-5.5mm through conditioning if so desired. 

You might find it will stretch in its initial uses.

MyNawashi 2 Ply Jute Rope 6mm x 8m