This 6mm purple and black jute rope has been hand dyed and spun by the Evil Dark Knight himself - 'RopesByEDK'. Each length of rope is 28ft long (8.5m) and approximately 6mm in diameter. Each yarn is dyed prior to being hand spun ensuring that the colour goes right to the core of the rope. 


We cannot guarantee identical shades between orders so please ensure you order enough rope for your needs. Differences in rope diameter vary about +/- 0.5mm due to the hand spun process.


Conditioned ropes will be defuzzed, lightly waxed with our secret blend of natural beeswax, jojoba oil and Tsubaki oil and then gently baked. Be aware that this rope will need conditioning in order to remove the fuzzy/scratchy feel but you can purchase it raw and condition it how you like - or use it for sadistic rope! All ropes are finished with an overhand knot.

'RopesByEDK' Purple/Black 6mm Jute