We have searched high and low for a rope that looks and feels like natural fibre but has the durability and endurance of a synthetic. More importantly to us, we wanted a manufacturer break load to provide you with a safety rating for your suspension up-lines. We have trialled a range of ropes and are proud to present SKorpion 'Endure'.


Available in 8m or 10m lengths, 'Endure' is available in 6mm diameter with a manufacturer stated minimum breaking strength of 560Kgs. Endure is stronger and more affordable than other branded high quality Polyester ropes currently being used for suspension up-lines! It is also ideal for securing your bamboo, for creating hardpoints in the outdoors and it's gentle enough to tie against the skin too.


No conditioning is required other than a simple run through a carabiner to relieve the initial stiffness. Unlike Hempex, 'Endure' improves with use, maintaining it's smooth but natural appearance. Rope models have informed us that it feels good against the skin and riggers have informed us that it does not cause friction burns.


Endure can be washed in the machine when soiled making it ideal for outdoor use and easy to maintain.

SKorpion 'Endure'