We know that many of you like to use a blend of oil and wax in the conditioning process of your natural fibre ropes and so we have added our own SKorpion Rope wax to the store. This is a tried and tested blend of Tsubaki oil (Camellia Japonica) and natural beeswax that provides a light finish to your ropes without any sticky residue.


The rope wax melts easily in the hand or gloves for application. Apply along the full length of the rope and then finish your conditioning process as desired. 




Never, ever use any of our balms internally, and be careful not to get them in your eyes. Please read the supplied ‘Safety of Oils and Balms’ information sheet prior to use. Known allergy sufferers should consult a medical practitioner before using our balms.

SKorpion Rope Wax - 60ml