Our choice of rope for the Skorpion Lite range is our 'Tsuki' jute, meaning 'Moon'. This is our affordable 2 ply Tossa jute perfect for those wanting to try natural fibre ropes for the first time. This rope is not as clean a fibre as the 'Sakura' and 'Tsuyosa', but the odd dark fibres are soft and easily removed.  The manufacturer states that this is a 6mm rope, but once conditioned, the diameter will decrease to 5.5mm - 5mm.


Dont let the price fool you - this rope requires no wet treatment, it is easy to prepare for use and it is a pleasure to tie with. Unlike other jute ropes available at this price, Tsuki does not smell of JBO. The quality of this rope will surprise you and you will want to use this every day, saving your premium ropes for special occasions only. 


For those of you who like to dye your own ropes, this is an ideal choice. The dye penetrates right to the core and the dye process only enhances the feel of this rope. Once dyed and singed, the rope takes on a lovely sheen.


This listing is for 8m lengths. See other listings for 10m lengths. Please contact us for enquiries about custom lengths.


Conditioned ropes will be worked, singed to remove the fuzzies and then oiled using mineral oil. All ropes are finished with a simple overhand knot. 

'Skorpion Lite' Jute - 5-6mm x 8m

Amount of Hanks