Our 'Yin' oil is an astounding blend of Lemon and Ylang Ylang essential oils immersed in Tsubaki oil. You might want to use this oil when you want to intensify sensual rope play with one another. It can also be used when you or your partner are feeling frazzled and in need of some care and compassion. Lemon essential oil is believed to relieve tiredness, whilst Ylang Ylang with its intensely sweet & slightly spicy aroma has long been held to have a regulating effect on breathing and heart rate, lifts the mood and has been used for its aphrodisiac qualities for generations.


Our 'Yang' oil is a warming, spicy blend of Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils immersed in Tsubaki oil. You might want to use this oil to generate extra intensity during Semenawa or sadistic rope play. It could also be used to ramp up the energy of your rope play when you've been feeling lethargic.Sweet Orange Oil is a refreshing essential oil believed to balance the emotions, whilst Cinnamon Leaf is thought to be warming, uplifting and boost circulation. 


Available to purchase as a 50ml or 100ml set of Yin and Yang rope oils where you will receive both oils in your purchase. See other listings if you'd prefer to buy them individually.




Ensure your rope is clean and fuzz free prior to application. If you have just singed your rope, then wipe the soot off your rope using a damp cloth. Apply a small amount of oil to a clean cotton cloth. Place the oiled cloth in the palm of your hand and place one end of the rope on top. Close your hand around the rope and run the rope through the cloth in your hand, oiliing it as it goes. Run all the way to the end, topping up the oil as necessary. Repeat as so desired. Hang your rope for a few hours or ideally overnight to allow the oil to penetrate the rope fibres.


Do not over saturate your rope, it is easy to add more oil in stages, but you can't remove it if you over oil it. If this is new unconditioned rope, then you might need to repeat the process a few times until you reach your desired finish.


Regularly inspect your ropes and oil them as required. Do NOT let your ropes dry out.




Ensure you read the supplied 'Safety of Oils and Balms' information sheet prior to use. Known allergy sufferers should consult a medical practioner prior to use.

'Yin & Yang' Rope Oil Set