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We use both jute and nylon in our images and we are proud to be able to supply you with some of the finest rope products from across the globe. We recognise that some of you are just starting your rope journey and so we have a range of ropes to suit all levels.

All orders are delivered in discrete packaging. Contact us for expedited delivery or for discounts on bulk orders. International customers - please use out ETSY shop


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Jute Rope


Sakura premium jute is the first of its kind. Spun from the highest grade of 'Amatsunawa's own Tossa yarn, the resulting JBO free rope is super soft, even when taken straight off the reel. The 4.4mm rope is perfect for hair rope, toe rope and any other form of sadistic rope you can think of! We also stock a 5mm variety.


Genuine Japanese 'Ogawa' is for those who want the look and feel of a traditional Shibari rope. This single ply jute comes 'alive' in your hands, with its fast and light action. It ties easily and frictions compact beautifully making your rope work feel almost effortless.

Skorpion Rope Tsuyosi Jute 6mm short_edi

'Tsuyosa is our mid-range jute, suitable for all levels and styles. This rope can be used straight off the reel with minimal preparation required. Available in a 5mm diameter, this rope is fast and flickable and takes dye evenly and right to the core.


MyNawashi is our guest rope and will be in stock when shipments allow!SKorpion Rope is proud to present MyNawashi jute rope imported for sale throughout Europe and beyond.  The rope is hand spun in the 'MyNawashi' studio with great care to produce a perfect twist every time. They blend the finest weights of yarn together to create a rope that represents the years of investment they have made in importing and tracking down the best jute twine available.

Rope for Suspension - SKorpion Endure

Endure 1.jpg

We have searched high and low for a rope that looks and feels like natural fibre but has the durability and endurance of a synthetic rope. More importantly to us, we wanted a manufacturer break load to provide you with a safety rating for your suspension up-lines. We have trialled a range of ropes and are proud to present SKorpion 'Endure'.Available in 8m or 10m lengths, 'Endure' is available in 6mm diameter with a manufacturer stated minimum breaking strength of 560Kgs. 

Hand Dyed Nylon Rope

DSC01506 REV1WM-2.jpg

SKorpion Rope is proud to bring KnotHead Nylon to the UK. We have exclusive European rights to sell you this amazing hand dyed nylon. It feels great and it photographs beautifully. It is many times stronger than natural fibre rope, it doesn't lose its strength as quickly as natural fibre through normal use and therefore has a greatly increased value. You may baulk at the initial outlay, but this rope just keeps on going and will continue to last. Now available in UV Blacklight reactive too!


We are now stocking a range of UV/Blacklight reactive nylon from Knothead Nylon. We have a range of colours available... stand out from the crowd!

Oils Family Web.jpg

Rope Oils, Wax and aftercare Balms

We sell a range of Tsubaki rope oils and rope wax created to keep your ropes feeling smooth and supple. We have also created a range of aftercare balms for both riggers and rope models, so why not treat each other to a rope related gift.

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