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  • Silence (Intro by Angel666)

Rope Oils Launch

After months of experimentation we are proud to be launching our own rope oil range. We often speak about combining other elements of our lives with rope, essential oils being one of them. Together we asked the question 'What if we could use essential oils to heighten sensual and sadistic rope play?' Silence eagerly took the helm and she has created our amazing 'Yin' and 'Yang' rope oils. I hand you over to the amazing Silence for the science and the story behind our new range.

Silence: I've always found scents evocative. The first rope I was tied with was made of Hemp, which lots of people tell me 'smells like a barn yard'!. It was never a bad smell for me - for a long time I associated that hempy smell with 'time to do rope!'. It took me quite a while to get used to being tied in Jute rope because it smelled so differently.

Ylang Ylang found in our Yin Rope Oil

As my rope journey continued, and when I got my own ropes, I also learned that not all jute ropes are created equal. Some smell incredibly strongly of jute batching oil (JBO) (yuk), and some don't. We've been careful to offer ropes that have minimal JBO and of course our premium range 'Sakura' has no JBO content whatsoever. We have also experimented with how to best condition our rope. Properly conditioned rope handles well, feels lovely on the skin, and of course has it's own unique scent, which is part of the appeal for multi-sensory people.

Camellia Japonica - the source of Tsubaki Oil

Because of my own obsession with scents though I wanted to try to take that a little bit further and offer rope oils that give an extra 'something' to the experience of being in rope, so I've created a couple of rope oils that have Essential oils added to them - one aimed at sensual or relaxing rope (Yin Rope Oil), and one for invigorating or semenawa rope scenes (Yang Rope Oil). After trialling them and getting feedback from our testers, Angel666 & I have agreed that they are ready for release!

Sweet Orange Oil found in our Yang Rope Oil

Now for those of you who are starting to scoff at the perceived 'woowoo' aspect of this, here's some science (trust me, I'm a Dr): When we smell something, we inhale little airborne molecules called oderants. Our olfactory bulb processes these and passes the information received directly to the amygdala and hippocampus in our brains. These two brain areas play a huge role when it comes to storing memories associated with emotional events, so it's understandable that scent and emotion are strongly linked with one another.

Lemon essential oil found in our Yin Rope Oil

Whilst it's believed that certain essential oils have certain effects on a person when they are smelled, I like to use these purely as a guide because what causes bliss in one person might cause revulsion in another. We all have different life experiences & beliefs so I encourage you to explore what works best for you. If you find that the Yin blend (which is supposed to be sensual and/or relaxing) suits your semenawa rope play, then by all means use that instead of the Yang blend.

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil found in our Yang Rope Oil

Please make sure you take a look at the 'Safety of Oil and Balms' document (our balms will be launched in the next couple of months), before you use them. We recommend that you oil your ropes & hang them a couple of hours before use. If you can hang them in the same room you're going to do rope in, then so much the better as the oils will scent the air and add atmosphere. If you're not able to hang them in the same room, or if you need to oil them many hours or days in advance, we recommend keeping them in a closed container in order to trap in as much scent as possible and to keep them from scenting your other, untreated ropes.

The finished product - 'Yin' & 'Yang' Rope oil

You may want to keep a particular set of ropes for use with a particular oil, but over time (and especially if you hang your ropes), the scent will eventually disappear from your ropes so if you decide you just want to use the oils once every now & then that should be fine.

Please use these rope oils wisely and responsibly! We recommend that you consider the incredibly important role that scent plays in creating emotional memories before you start using these oils in play, especially if you are intending on creating a protocol or ritual around their use. Above all, do rope with people who care for you and whom you care for, and have a great time!!

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