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Seashell Tie v2

Here is version 2 of our 'Seashell' Tie. This one differs to the first variant since it uses only simple Munter hitches with an added decorative weave at the front. Whilst this tie looks 'pretty', it also enables you to practice your tension and friction application with a tie that is comfortable to wear and one your rope partner or model will be proud to show off.

We created this particular version earlier this year when we were at BeachBind, Jamaica. We had some amazing rainbow rope from 'RopesByEDK' that we wanted to use in a 'bikini' style tie. We adapted the v1 Seashell tie and came up with this one.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our tutorials and please do tag us on social media since we love to see your amazing ties.

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