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We have waited a long time to get our hands on the English editions of Peter Wettstein's 'SHIBAKU' books after having purchased the foreign versions a couple of years ago. The wait has finally come to an end and the English version of both books are now available at the SHIBAKU website.

Costing 35CHF (approximately £27) you might think they are expensive, but we believe they are worth the price. There are two books that cover a wide range of ties. Book 1 covers the 'Basics and Fundamentals' and Book 2 covers 'Takate-Kote and Upper Body'. The books are packed with hand drawn tutorials, which at first appear strange, but you quickly get used to the style and they are very easy to follow.

There are numerous variations of traditional ties in both books that we have yet to find in other books (and believe us, we have read every bondage book we can get our hands on!) SHIBAKU covers safety, basic frictions, numerous variants of chest harnesses including several Takate-kote, Western style, arms front chest harnesses. The books also cover Teppou, gunslinger hip harness, crotch ropes, leg ties and this beautiful 'Dragonfly' arm binder that we attempted.

These books are suitable for both beginners and intermediate riggers alike. Each tie is accompanied by simple written instructions and it is pleasing to see ties for those who aren't as flexible as the amazing Shibari models we often see on social media. We selected this arm binder since it is designed for those who struggle to get their elbows touching when behind their back (something which neither of us can do!). We have often found that a 'Strappado' quickly cuts off circulation, but this arm binder was sustainable for quite some time.

Whilst we often create our own ties, we love trying out new tutorials, attending workshops and tying alongside other riggers since we are constantly learning and looking to improve our technique. We heartily recommend that you add SHIBAKU books 1 & 2 to your Christmas List. We couldn't but help add a slight adaptation to the DragonFly arm binder just to reinforce the stem with the leftover rope.

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