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DIY - Home DYE Kits!

It has taken us months but we are proud to finally launch our very own 'Home Dye Kit' for your ropes! We both love the use of colour in our rope work but we found it expensive to buy and the quality from some mainstream rope sellers was not always to our standard.

Angel666 has a number of rope partners and she tries to use a different set of ropes with each partner. The easiest way to differentiate between each set was to use different colours, ideally the rope model's colour of choice. She loves a challenge and so she decided to learn how to dye couldn't be that difficult surely???

It was a long learning process! After extensive research, she experimented with several dyes used by other riggers such as IDye, and Rit all with varying degrees of success and failure. She tried a number of different manual dye methods including boiling on a hot stove and laborious stirring in cold buckets but after using several tons of water during the rinsing process and leaving her house looking like a murder scene due to dye splashes all over the walls she searched for an easier method.

She eventually found it and has been using it ever since. Since launching SKorpion Rope she has been dyeing rope all year to ensure that our ropes would take the dye evenly and that the colours were something that people would want. She did have one disaster where the blue dye turned her rope green, but that's another story! Our home dye kit uses a well known brand of Dye and your washing machine. Importantly we give you step by step instructions regarding the preparation, the method itself and finally the drying and stretching process - something that people often forget.

We take our hats off to those who take the time to dye by hand. The results can be stunning when they produce multiple colours on one rope, but like many of you, we simply don't have the time for that - we are too busy planning our next rope session!

So, why not take the time to dye a set of ropes for your rope partner in their favourite colour. The smile on their face when you present them to them will be worth the effort.

Click on the images above to visit the shop.

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