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SKorpion V-Harness

SKorpion V Tie watermark.jpg

This tie has been on our minds for a couple of months. The creation of this tie was inspired after Angel666 gave herself a hug one day and she happened to see the beautiful v-shape it created after glancing in the mirror. Together, the SKorpion Rope team got together to create this tutorial, but the rope led the way and it took us naturally where it wanted to go and so very little effort was required on our part! We have always loved the use of spirals and diagonal lines in rope since we find it better enhances the curves and natural shape of the body as opposed to horizontal lines. We very much like how the flesh bulges between the ropes too nomnomnom!


This tie is better suited to those with smaller or no breasts, but some of you might enjoy the 'boob squish' that it provides! It does take good back flexibility to maintain the V shape with both arms, but you can always adapt the tie to suit your model's flexibility and just tie in one arm, with the other arm lower down in front or behind the body. We merely provide you with a structural foundation and we love to see what adaptations you come up with! 

This tie in its present form is NOT suitable as a harness for suspension. It can be used to restrain the upper body though should you want to suspend your partner from a hip harness, an Agura or even a futomomo. Feel free to tie your partner up and use it for floor work or in the bedroom!

skorpion v tie 1 watermark.jpg

We used two 8m lengths of 6mm MyNawashi jute rope to complete this tie.

  • Place your model's arms in the position shown. They will probably find one way easier than the other, but experiment to find which way is the easier to sustain. One hand will be on the shoulder, with the other hand alongside the opposite upper arm. For ease we have written this tutorial for the arm position shown above.

  • Tie a one wrap single column tie around the left wrist. We used one wrap purely for aesthetics. Keep a long bight to help you secure the tie once you have finished. Ideally you want the running end exiting 'out' and 'down' from the knot.

  • Take the running end and wrap it around the upper body in a downward spiral from right to left. Use as many or as few wraps as you want here. We like odd numbers and so we had five full wraps across the body. This tie works better with good tension on the fleshy parts of the body, creating those lovely bulges!

  • Be careful with your rope placement around the right hand since the bony areas of the hand are vey sensitive. Communicate with your partner to determine the best rope placement. Sometimes just a millimetre movement of the rope can be the difference between pain or comfort.

  • Once you have reached the elbow area continue around the back of the body and then place the rope across the chest under the left breast. Using the natural gap at the elbow, use your fingers to pick up the rope from between the breasts and allow it to exit between the elbows.

  • Tie Munter hitches on every diagonal wrap all the way up the body.

skorpion tie v2 watermark.jpg
  • Take the running end over the shoulder and continue your Munter hitches on the horizontal wraps going across the back.

  • Add an extra friction on to your final Munter hitch, so that it exits the wrap 'down' and to the left.

  • Take the running end to the left, across the front of the body below the breast rope and over to the outer right arm.

  • Tie Munter hitches on each wrap of the outer right arm.

  • Tie a Munter hitch on the diagonal line at the back and continue to take the running end across the back over to the left shoulder.

skorpion v tie 3 watermark.jpg
  • We chose to do reverse Munter hitches for the next stage, purely for aesthetics, but you can do normal Munter hitches if you prefer. Tie a Munter hitch on each wrap between the left outer arm and the right hand working down the body.

  • Once you reach the final wrap, feed the running end through the natural gap in the elbow in order for it to exit underneath the right wrist.

  • Now tie Munter hitches on every wrap between the right hand and the left side of the body working from the bottom to the top.

  • Once you reach the top that is the end of the tie. You can choose to finish here if you like. There is scope to tie a digonal line of Munter hitches down the back running from the left shoulder to the base of the spine in order to create a V-shape on the back too. 

  • We took our running end across the back and secured it with a couple of half hitches to lock it off as shown. We then tied the running end to the bight from the single column tie and 'Silence' conveniently tucked the ends away under her hands for me! Alternatively, just burn the rope at the back!

  • When you remove the rope you are left with some rather delicious rope marks!!

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